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-fee <fee> Change devfee in percentage, [0-5]. Set to '0' to turn off devfee with lower hashrate. Otherwise, devfee = max(set_value, def_value). Set to '0' to turn off devfee with lower hashrate How to disable DevFee in the miner. Attention! The commission is absolutely on all miners, even where NoFee is written, 0% Fee and so on! Do not be fooled, just take our word for it) To get started, here is a link to the statistics of the Claymore miner developer wallet, where your hard-earned 1-2% is dripped: https://ethermine Under windows, a custom driver need to be installed when using -mt, can installed manually by option --driver, or run nbminer.exe with admin privilege to perform auto-install. Under linux, admin priviledge is needed to run, sudo ./nbminer -mt x NBMiner 27.7 NoFee (NoDevFee) Nvidia AMD GPU miner for Windows. The latest NBMiner 27.7 update comes with improvements for Handshake (HNS) and HNS + ETH Dual mining on Nvidia GPUs, bringing slightly better performance, as well as some fixes such as NVML initialization failure in certain cases and ETH mining on NiceHash

In this article, we will look at how to disable commission in the miner using the NoDevFee (NoFee) program. Attention! The commission is absolutely on all miners, even where NoFee is written, 0% Fee and so on! We decrypt the source code of the miner. We insert our wallet instead of the developer's wallet Download Nbminer. Head over to GitHub and download the miner for Windows or Linux. Then unzip the archive to any folder. 2. Configure The Miner. Locate and edit start_conflux file. Copy the content below and paste it into the file. nbminer -a octopus -o stratum+ tcp ://cfx-eu1.nanopool.org:17777 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER_NAME/EMAIL

new algo: ergo for AMD GPU, can be faster with ETH mining timings. optimize: ergo slightly improce hashrate on Nvidia GPUs. feature: use --temperature-limit & --temperature-start to protect GPU from overheat, detail in readme.md. 新增算法: ergo 在AMD显卡上的挖矿,配合ETH挖矿时序使用速度更快. 优化: ergo 小幅提升Nvidia显卡挖矿算力 DevFee on Claymore's miner. hasher Member Posts: 642 . April 2016 in Mining. Just saw this appear on one of my rigs while checking the health of my farm. It was mining for the developer for less than 30 seconds. 2 shares. No complaints though, the developer deserves it. Thank you for such a great mining program What does DevFee: stop mining and disconnect OR DevFee end message in my miner mean? It means your miner has just finished mining its developers' fee. Basically, this is how your miners' DevFee is paid - It randomly for a certain time switches the mining to its developers' wallet. 3: What second coin can I mine in dual mode on the pool

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[NoDevFee] How to disable DevFee in the miner (Claymore

  1. er is the slowest from all of them on a 2080 TI Roughly 2-3% slower than eth
  2. ing software in our future AMD tests. Confidence Level and Future Testing . This time our experiment was 5 times more.
  3. We're sorry but pool-frontend-new doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Please enable it to continue

GitHub: Download NBMiner v36.1. NBMiner - NVIDIA & AMD GPU Miner for ETH, RVN, GRIN, BEAM, CFX, AE, BTM, SERO, HNS, BFC. Support OS: Windows x64 & Linux. v36.1. optimize: octopus Lower power comsumption for 20、30 series Nvidia GPU, improve hashrate 2% on 16 series Nvidia GP Claymore also recently released a V12.0 upgrade that reduced the devfee for dual mining mode to 1 percent from 2 percent. The upgrade also offers 3GB and 2GB cards with a zero devfee. That said, Claymore dual miner doesn't run on Mac and currently only runs under Linux and Windows. But it supports both Nvidia and AMD cards. Other coins you can mine using the program include Siacoin, Lbry. It is available for green cards and compatible with Windows and Linux. Devfee is only 1%. TT-miner - Windows and Linux miner for KawPoW, MTP, and other algorithms. The dev fee is 1%. NBMiner - AMD compatible software with a 2% developer's fee. RVN mining Pools. The final piece of your mining puzzle is to choose a decent mining pool. Pools are still the most stable and reliable. devFee Version Platform Updated at; Gminer 0.65-5% 2.56 2021-06-15 Miniz 0.75-2% 1.8y2 2021-06-15 Xmrig-unified 0% 6.12.2 2021-06-08 SRBMiner-MULTI 0-2.5% 0.7.6 2021-06-08 Nbminer 0.65-3% 37.6 2021-06-08 T-rex 1-3% 0.20.4 2021-05-26 Kawpowminer 0% 1.2.4-cuda11 2021-05-24 Teamredminer 0.75-3% 0.8.3 2021-05-19 Lolminer 0.7-2.5% 1.29 2021-05-16 PhoenixMiner 0.65% 5.6d 2021-05-11 Nanominer 1-5% 3.

NBMiner characteristics. Support for Windows and Linux. Backup mining pool support. Support for SSL connections with mining pools. Development Fee (DevFee): tensority (Pascal) 2%, tensority (Turing) 3%, tensority_ethash 3%; ethash etchash 1%; cuckaroo & cuckarood & cuckatoo & cuckatoo32 & cuckoo_ae & cuckaroo_swap 2%; progpow_sero 2%; sipc 2 Download the miner:Nanominer(NVIDIA) NBMiner(AMD) Extract archive to any folder; Set your wallet address, worker name, email and coin/algorithm. Execute start.ba

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  1. er supports
  2. ers using NiceHash Miner, NHOS or NiceHash stratum servers. PAYMENT TYPE. FEE. Payouts to NiceHash wallet*. (
  3. ing. I explain what causes stale / i..
  4. er that can

Ethash miner with lowest devfee. Download Now. Phoenix Miner. Fast & Easy. Effective Ethereum mining speed is higher by 3-5% because of a completely different miner code - much less invalid and outdated shares, higher GPU load, optimized OpenCL code, optimized assembler kernels. Works On All Devices . Supports both AMD and nVidia cards (including in mixed mining rigs). It runs under Windows. NiceHash QuickMiner. Start mining in less than 60 seconds and earn money with your PC now! We have prepared a simple tryout tool called NiceHash QuickMiner for you to try mining for the first time! No registration needed KAWPOWMINER is new miner for the upcoming KAWPOW RVN fork. 0% dev fee. 1 algorithms. 10 coins. 1.2.4 version. Mining OS supported v1.2.4 T-Rex is a miner that supports over 30 algorithms. The program is created for 'green' graphics cards, which is Nvidia. It supports Windows and Linux. On the project's website the developers point out that they are trying to make T-Rex as fast and convenient as possible. Developer fee is 1%, which means that every two hours, your equipment.

NBMiner 27.7 NoFee(NoDevFee) Nvidia AMD GPU miner for ..

The latest NBMiner 26.1 update comes with a bit of improvement in the performance for mining CKB on Nvidia GPUs as well as support for Dual Mining ETH + CKB on AMD GPUs (dual mining was already available for Nvidia users). This update is just in time for the official launch for the Nervos CKB mainnet launch planned for tomorrow that uses the Eaglesong mining algorithm. Aside from NBMiner, you. All programs have a DevFee built in to support the person that made the software. However if oyu want to join a pool like ethermine or 2miners and use phoenixminer you can disable the DevFee; however, it will lower your hashrate. Ive never done it to see how much it will lower it but according to the bitcointalk page that is what it says

NoDevFee: How to disable the commission in the

Pool Hashrate. Miners Count. Workers Count. How to connect. Download the miner: Nanominer (NVIDIA) NBMiner (AMD) Extract archive to any folder. Set your wallet address, worker name, email and coin/algorithm. Execute start.bat NbMiner 26.1; Miniz Miner 1.5s; SrbMiner Multi 0.1.7 beta Changes; Disable buttons for pool operations for the DevFee pools when using the Awesome Miner Antminer firmware, as these pools cannot be modified; Always show password mask characters for the registration code in the Options dialog; Version 7.1.5 (2019-11-14) Integration. Removed HashRefinery pool as it's no longer active Mining. AMD GPU miners can mine RVN with the new KAWPOW algorithm only using NBMiner for now at least. Nvidia GPU miners have much more choice for mining software such as kawpowminer, TT-Miner, GMiner, T-Rex, Z-enemy and Bminer. The latest kawpowminer and TT-Miner do not have dev fees, others do have 1% or 2% fee, so while performance is very similar with all of them the difference in terms of. Yeah, not keen on NBminer they charge 2% devfee for kawpow, and Windows defender detects a clickathlete?? virus when it's installed (if it was just a 'coinminer' I would let it thru) 1. Reply. Share. Report Save. View Entire Discussion (7 Comments) More posts from the Ravencoin community. 278. Posted by 3 days ago. As a follow up to my community involvement post, I'm doing a raffle for 100. --fee <fee> Change devfee in percentage, [0-5]. Set to '0' to turn off devfee with lower hashrate. Otherwise, devfee = max(set_value, def_value). Set to '0' to turn off devfee with lower hashrate. Otherwise, devfee = max(set_value, def_value)

Most profitable. and efficient mining pool. No more hustle with choosing a reliable ETH and ETC mining pool. Receive guaranteed high-profit payouts with our PPS+ distribution mode. Be most efficient and stay secure with our worldwide servers Under windows, a custom driver need to be installed when using `-mt`, can installed manually by option `--driver`, or run nbminer.exe with admin privilege to perform auto-install. Under linux, admin priviledge is needed to run, `sudo ./nbminer -mt x`. `OhGodAnETHlargementPill` is not needed anymore if `-mt` is enabled when mining on 1080 & 1080ti GPUs

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  1. gs on Nvidia GPUs with GDDR5/5X memory, the option can take values from 1 to 6 to activate, add memory-tweak: MODE to the configuration, with this option using pill for GDDR5X not necessary; added verbose option for debugging communication with the pool; added number of shares per GPU in both log print and API
  2. er for remote monitoring and management with
  3. er (Claymore, Phoenix, T-Rex, CC
  4. Author Topic: NBMiner v36.0, GPU Miner for ETH, CFX, RVN, GRIN, BEAM, AE, BTM, SERO, HNS, BFC. (Read 1407 times
  5. er with lowest devfee. Download Now. Fast & Easy. Effective Ethereum
  6. NebuTech/NBMiner GPU Miner for ETH, RVN, TRB, CKB, GRIN, AE, BTM, SERO, HNS, BFC, SIPC Users starred: 154Users forked: 32Users watching: 42Updated at: 2020-05-05..
  7. er and confirmed. Average Ethereum transaction fees can spike during periods of congestion on the network, as they did during the 2017 to early 2018 crypto boom where they reached around 3 USD

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  1. ing is getting more centralized by the day.Today, only few popular algos remain free from ASIC
  2. er for Windows; TeamRedMiner v0.7.6.4 NIMIQ ALPHA RELEASE 4 [DOWNLOAD for WINDOWS LINUX] XLArig v5.1.0: high performance Scala (XLA) CPU
  3. er's developer commission is 2%. Thanks to its unique design and stability, in just six months, the
  4. er needs Nvidia driver 410.48 and newer on Linux or 411.31 and newer on Windows. nano

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Download Phoenix Miner 5.6d - AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner [2021] 3 minute read Getting Started With Ethereum Mining Version: 5.6d File: *PhoenixMiner.exe, SHA256. Connect to the best Ethereum mining pool by choosing one of our mining servers and the best available mining software

nbminer-nebutech-v37.3 (Add option --enable-dag-cache to allow an extra DAG for different epoch cached in GPU memory, useful for ETH+ZIL mining and mining on NiceHash) 2021.05.05; Miners update . lolminer-v1.27 (Added verify routine for Ethash dag epochs 400 to 450. In case the miner will detect defect entries, the CPU will try to fix this. Mining will be paused until the repair is completed. ⛏ NBMiner v35.1 (ethash: more stable under high OC for Nvidia GPUs; octopus: improved hashrate 1-3% for 16, 20, 30 Nvidia GPUs) ⛏ XMRig v6.7.0 (up to 20-30% faster RandomX dataset initialization with AVX2 on some CPUs; added VM detection; code cleanup and refactoring; fixed some errors found by static analysis; compiled with 0% DevFee

T-REX, TeamRedMiner, CGMiner, T-Rex, NBMiner, Nanominer, PhoenixMiner, CCMiner, miniZ, Cpu-miner, cpuminer-opt, Kadena miner, Kawpowminer and many others. Works on all versions of Windows; Over 50 of the best mining pools; CPU & GPU Mining; Easy to use; Easy installation of miners and configuration files (.bat). To start mining using SMP +, just enter. GitHub: Download T-Rex v0.19.1 T-Rex. ethOS Mining OS. ethOS is a 64-bit linux OS that mines Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, and other GPU-minable coins.Altcoins can be autotraded to Bitcoin. Please see the ethOS knowledge base. for documentation and answers to common questions.. ethOS 1.3.3 can run Tahiti/Tonga/Fiji with 50%-90% hashrate increases.. There are 20,494 ethOS rigs mining on 113,489 GPUs.. Buy it No Was still using version 2.39 to do c29v up until I guess the devfee pool died, and now it just bitches endlessly about devfee and exits. MoneroVMiner sucks and won't do cards <4GB for no reason (gminer did them just fine, until the devfee lockout) NBMiner v36.0, GPU Miner for ETH, CFX, RVN, GRIN, BEAM, AE, BTM, SERO, HNS, BFC. Discussion in 'Mining' started by vuci544, Dec 30, 2020 Get familiar with minerstat, mining software, troubleshoot and resolve issues you might have Prvi je Sparkpool koji isplaćuje minimalno 100 CKB što kad konvertiram u ETH ispada 0.000888 ETH što bi mi odgovaralo. Također ima najveći network hushrate što. DevFee for 'verthash' algorithm lowered to 1%; DevFee for 'rx2' algorithm lowered to 1%; Parameter '--disable-workers-ramp-up' changed back to '--enable-workers-ramp-up', so default value of ramp-up is now disabled ; Api doesn't report 0 h/s anymore while creating dataset for 'autolykos2' algorithm; Added parameter '--max-no-submit-responses' (for details check --help ) Minor bug fixes; GMiner.

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  1. Bitcoin Discussion General discussion about the Bitcoin ecosystem that doesn't fit better elsewhere. News, the Bitcoin community, innovations, the general environment, etc. Discussion of specific Bitcoin-related services usually belongs in other sections
  2. ers; Added transfer credits to others SMOS
  3. er (2% devfee) Nvidia only. TT-Miner (no devfee) T-Rex (1% devfee) GMiner (2% devfee) z-enemy (1% devfee) AMD only. TeamRedMiner (2% devfee) WildRig (1% devfee) Please note that all of those alternative
  4. ing Ethash-based coins (e.g., Ethereum) with 0.65% of devfee Ether
  5. er,Phoenix
  6. NBMiner v36.1, GPU Miner for ETH, CFX, RVN, GRIN, BEAM, AE. --fee <fee> Изменить devfee в процентах, [0-5]. Установите в «0», чтобы отключить devfee с более низким хэшрейтом. В противном случае devfee = max (set_value, def_value). Если устанавливаю.

nbminer имя запускаемой программы. Установите «0», чтобы отключить devfee, но тогда будет более низкий хэшрейт. Для следующих алгоритмов устанавливается комиссия по умолчанию : Tensority+ethash 3%, tensority (Pascal) 2%, tensority (Turing) 3%, ethash 1%. NBMiner v37.6: Скачать и Настроить Майнер для Windows. Программы для майнинга. Автор PullGuru На чтение 9 мин Просмотров 1.8к. Опубликовано 08 Июн 2021. NBMiner — это NVIDIA и AMD GPU Miner для ETH, RVN, GRIN, BEAM, CFX, AE, SERO, ERGO с. Released in 2011, CGMiner is the most popular software not only for Ethereum mining but others too (we've already mentioned this miner in the Bitcoin software list).The miner is compatible with ASIC, FPGA, and GPU hardware. Written in C language, the program works as a command line. It's easy to set a hash rate, remote interface capabilities, and set notifications when detecting a new block

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I use NBMiner in Nicehash. It has a 1% dev fee, but has enough of a higher hash rate than Excavator, for NBMiner to be more profitable for me. Phoenix has a slightly higher hash rate than NBMiner, but Phoenix has a 2% dev fee, which again makes NBMiner more profitable for me. My most profitable is 1822 MHz core at 0.812 volts. And +100 MHz. Запустите с правами администратора. установить: nbminer.exe - установить драйвер, удалить: nbminer.exe - удалить драйвер. , Журнал изменений: v31.1 (2020-06-24) new algo: cuckatoo32 для Grin32 на графических процессорах.

DevFee для алгоритма verthash снижена до 1% DevFee для алгоритма rx2 снижена до 1% Параметр '-disable-worker-ramp-up' изменен обратно на '-enable-worker-ramp-up', поэтому значение по умолчанию для разгона теперь отключено DevFee:stop mining and disconnect 也就是说,每次抽水90秒左右,隔一个小时抽水一次! 有图有真相. 点赞; 评论 1 分享. x. 海报分享 扫一扫,分享海报 收藏; 打赏. 打赏. squirrel1311. 你的鼓励将是我创作的最大动力. C币 余额. 2C币 4C币 6C币 10C币 20C币 50C币. 确定. 举报; 关注 关注; 一键三连. 深度解密长沙矿工. my minerstat. Login with key. Login with App. Access key Lost your access key? 2FA (If enabled) Scan the QR code with minerstat mobile app. Please note that before you use Phone , you will need to set 2FA Auth on minerstat dashboard

Как майнить: используя NBMiner, Gminer, TTminer или SeroMiner. Комиссия пулов и devfee майнеров могут суммарно достигать 4-5. Pool Hashrate25,904.6 Gh/sBlocks mined (last 24 hours)272+21Miners50,848Workers142,337ETH Price$3,312.4 59.62mɃ イーサリアムをマイニングできるソフトを調べてみました。以下のソフトはマイニングプールを切り替えるとイーサリアムクラシックもマイニングが可能です。マイニングソフトBminer手数料 0.65%対応GPU Nvidia/AMDEthminer All these features are integrated in Awesome Miner. Supports Antminer S9, S9i, S9j, T9+, L3+, L3++, S17, S17 Pro, S17+, T17, T17+. A hashrate increase of 10% can be expected for Antminer S9 and 40% for Antminer S17. The power efficiency is improved by tuning of each individual ASIC chip. For specific editions of the Antminer firmware, Awesome.

Claymore's CryptoNight AMD Miner.=====Current version: 11.3:- removed devfee, miner is completely free now.- added -pow7 option to support Monero hardfork, use -pow7 1 value to enable it.- reduced CPU usage for systems with a lot of GPUs.Link:Claymore's CryptoNote AMD Miner v11.3This is POOL version.Set the following environment variables, especially if you have 1-2GB cards:GPU_FORCE_64BIT. Итак предлагаю вашему вниманию сравнение следующих майнеров: kawpowminer-windows-1.2.3 (0% devfee); NBMiner_30.2_Win (2% devfee); t-rex-.15.7-win-cuda10. (1% devfee); TT-Miner Release 5.0.1 DevFee free version (0% devfee); gminer 2.10 (2% devfee) и собственно z-enemy-2.6.2-win (1.

イーサリアム(ETH)をマイニングできるソフトまとめ | 技術屋さんの小さな日記帳

How to mine ETH profitably if the memory capacity of your

Added support for AMD Linux drivers 20.50.x. Use this drivers only if you have Polaris or older GPUs, or the latest RX6x000 GPUs. WARNING: Vega, Radeon VII, and Navi GPUs won't work with these drivers! Turn off the zero fan feature on AMD cards whenever a fixed fan speed is used (e.g. -tt -40), or when an auto fan with min fan speed is used (e. The latest NBMiner 27.7 update comes with improvements for Handshake (HNS) and HNS + ETH Dual mining on Nvidia GPUs, bringing slightly better performance, as well as some fixes such as NVML initialization failure in certain cases and ETH mining on NiceHash. 0.0 H/s + 2 more. Fastest miner in the industry: MinerGate xFast. So the miner developers themselves declare in their instructions.

请注意,Cortex算法的DevFee当前设置为5%,高于其他受支持算法的常规2%,尽管这是可以预期的,因为官方的Cortex衬里仅适用于Linux,而GMiner似乎支持率先获得Windows支持。 GMiner矿机软件最初只是Nvidia GPU矿机,尽管AMD GPU也已经支持某些算法。请注意,GMiner是Nvidia和AMD GPU的封闭式矿机,具有可用于. Added in API Support for NBMiner and Mini AIOMiner All-In-One Mining Operation Control Current Version: a8.6.2 Download: AIOMiner a8.6.2 Next Release: AIOMiner v9.0 - We're not good at setting launch dates Mine ANY Coin on These Supported Algorithms (103): Monitor Your Fleet (No Rig Limits) Control Your Rigs Synchronize with. A. 6 Miners: * nbminer v22. Our miner provides speed advantage over competition and comes with a dedicated Discord support channel Mar 06, 2021 · Now you can start mining! Jan 16, 2021 · John Dela Vega Respected pageant producer and queen maker John De La Vega did his final farewell walk last Jan. SSD is blank; flash drive has an image of HiveOS. hiveos. farm/install) ее с веб.

NBMiner downloa

What is the benefit of using Phoenix, nbminer, or trex

added Ethash+Eaglesong dual mining for Nvidia GPUs (DevFee is 3% on Ethash, Eaglesong without fee) Ссылка на Github Кто-нибудь уже пробовал копать эфир и CKB в дуале ? У меня на Найсе новые версии вообще не завелись. Не проходят бенчмарк. Откатился на 1.68, все работает. NBMiner поддерживает дуалмайнинг CKB+ETH на GPU Nvidia (драйвера 377+) и AMD в Windows & Linux, а также добывание монет GRIN, AE, SERO, SIPC, Bytom (BTM), SWAP. Комиссия разработчикам при майнинге eaglesong соло — 2%, в дуале eaglesong_ethash — 3%; SRBMiner-Multi - AMD в соло с ком 6miner (AMD/NVIDIA и CPU, 3% devfee)$ экспериментальный hs-miner. Майнинг монет Handshake на алгоритме Blake2B+SHA3 на процессоре . Майнинг на алгоритме Handshake (Blake2B+SHA3) можно запустить и на процессоре, но практического смысла это занятие не имеет. П Megneztem a /var/log/miner/nbminer# mappaban az nbminer.log filet. Maga a file 36 mega,de csak parszaz karaktert latok,ha Midnight Commanderben F3at nyomok. Valami otlet, hogyan tudnam kinyomozni,mi okozta a miner restartot ? [ Szerkesztve ] Szakmai kerdesekre privatban nem valaszolok. A forumon sem, mert semmihez nem ertek. #65638 phanzetomox őstag phanzetomox #65635. Új Válasz 2021-05-17.

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