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You can withdraw your cryptocurrency from Binance to Coinbase. You just got to provide the wallet ID that you can see on the Coinbase withdrawal page on Binance. We recommend that you copy the wallet ID from Coinbase and paste the same on the Binance withdrawal form to avoid making any mistakes. Now, you can proceed with the withdrawal. Depending on the crypto token that you are trying to withdraw, the network may make you wait for a few minutes or a few hours Binance cash withdrawal to bank account Visit Binance and Log in to your registered account After the , click on [Wallet] - [Spot Wallet] on the upper right-hand side of the page. Then, click on [Withdraw]... Input the abbreviation or full name of a coin/token to withdraw, or select from the.

How to Withdraw from Binance to Bank [or PayPal Account

  1. Cryptocurrency withdrawal guide Step 1 - Navigate to the 'Fiat and Spot' page. Login to your Binance account, then hover over the 'Wallet' link, click... Step 2 - Navigate to the crypto withdrawal page. Click on the Withdraw button to the right of the 'Fiat and Spot' page. Step 3 - Select coin and.
  2. Withdraw AUD from Binance using Bank Transfer Navigate to Wallet -> Fiat and Spot and select Withdraw next to your AUD balance. You can only use this feature if you are in fact located in Australia, or if you are a holder of an Australian passport. In the second case, you need to contact Binance so they will enable that for you
  3. Log in to your Binance account and click [Wallet] - [Overview] - [Transaction History] to view your cryptocurrency withdrawal record. If the [Status] shows that the transaction is Processing, please wait for the confirmation process to be completed

How to Withdraw from Binance Crypto & Fiat Money

Binance does not offer any USD trading pairs. You can only trade your crypto to a stablecoin, such as USDT, USDC or DAI. After that, you can withdraw this fiat currency into a multi-currency account, such as Wise or the DBS Multiplier account. You'll need to go to ' Wallet → Fiat and Spot ' It is pleasant to know that Users can withdraw Binance-supported cryptocurrencies to external wallets. To proceed to withdraw cryptocurrency, kindly go to the Wallets dropdown menu, then select Spot. Upon this, kindly choose the cryptocurrency wallet from which you want to withdraw funds and then click on the Withdraw icon ; Select the recipient BTC address from the dropdown menu. Binance withdrawal suspended: Earlier in 2021, the platform temporarily disabled withdrawals that resumed within a short time. Such temporary suspension of withdrawals and deposits are due to ongoing system upgrades. Maintenance work might take about 30 minutes to 24 hours. Binance informs users about the duration of system upgrades, so users should keep checking the Binance announcement page.

How to Withdraw Money from Binance - Complete Step-by-Step

  1. Glue it on the Binance Withdrawal page (Recipient's BNB Address). 10. In the case of everything looks fine, click Submit. 11. Snap Send Code, and enter the six-digit code you got in your email. 12. Enter your 2 FA codes. 13. On the off chance that everything is all together, tap Submit. You will actually want to see the withdrawal gave in your exchange history. Video Guide How To.
  2. Methods to withdraw binance coins. Read the following steps to know about the methods for withdrawing Binance coins. Step 1: Get a stable network connection. Then quickly log in to your Binance account after visiting their official website. You need to create one if you do not have a Binance account. Simply input your personal details as required and you are all set to go. Step 2: In this step.
  3. 1. Log in to your account here: https://www.binance.us/en/. 2. Click Wallet followed by Withdraw. 3. Select Coin: USD. 4. Enter the withdrawal amount. 5. Select the payment method type ACH and click Continue
  4. Your Binance withdrawal is suspended either because there's a system upgrade or you've recently changed your password. However, it can also be due to a mistake on Binance's end. If there's a system upgrade, withdrawals will be temporarily suspended. Hence, you just need to wait until the system upgrade is completed
  5. How To Withdraw Money From Binance ️JOIN CRYPTO GROUP: https://t.me/P4ProviderTelegram Number: 03157403894=====Video topics;1. binance2. withdraw fro..
  6. Crypto Deposit/Withdrawal. Crypto Wallet Maintenance ; Deposit TAG/MEMO; Deposit TAG/MEMO & Extraction Fee; How to Deposit Crypto; How to Recover VET Sent to an ETH Address; How to Withdraw via Crypto out of your Binance.US account; See all 9 articles Deposit & Withdrawal Troubleshooting. ACH: Automated verification stuck while adding payment.
  7. Binance Suspended Withdrawals: What to Know. Early this morning, Binance experienced errors with trading. The exchange tweeted at 7:10 a.m. Eastern that withdrawals would be suspended on the platform

How to transfer btc from nicehash to binance,How to withdraw from nicehash to binance,xrp to bnb#btc#NH#binanc Withdrawing via domestic wire is a cost-effective option if you are seeking to withdraw from Fiat. Wire Withdrawals are $15 and processed by Prime Trust, making it cheaper than some alternative methods. You can deposit up to $1,000,000 and withdraw up to $7,500,000, per day. How to Withdraw via Wire. Click the Wallet tab and select Withdraw

Why Hasn't My Withdrawal Arrived Binanc

Loss of USDT withdrawal. General. Hey All, I would like to share with you something that probably happens to a lot of people that use Binance exchange when they initiate a withdraw of ERC-20 tokens. Let me briefly share with you my experience with this issue. A week ago, On the 8th of October I have issued a withdrawal request of 150,004 USDT. When withdrawing your coins from Binance, please make sure that you select the correct network otherwise you will most likely lose your coins.Here's the Redd.. Withdraw ADA from Binance to Daedalus | Cardano - YouTube. Withdraw ADA from Binance to Daedalus | Cardano. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin. Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has started withdrawing the native token XYM of the new chain Symbol, which was born with a major update of NEM (XEM) Binance is telling me to withdraw within 48 hours and close out my IOTA holdings, but I can't get it to transfer anywhere or withdraw it, or exchange it for anything else... I tried opening up a binance US acct, but it's blocked in my state. I tried firefly and binance says that the address format is wrong. I asked binance....crickets. 1. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 1m. My thought is.

Withdrawal Fees. Binance has zero deposit fees but things are different for withdrawal fees. Depending on the cryptocurrency in question, the fees can range from $1 to $15. If you want to withdraw bitcoins, for example, it will cost you 0.0005 BTC per transaction. Withdrawing Funds From Binance . Since Binance is a crypto to crypto exchange only, withdrawing funds essentially means. Binance Holdings Ltd., the largest cryptocurrency exchange, briefly suspended withdrawals on Monday Auszahlen/Überweisen von Binance auf eine andere Plattform oder Wallet (Withdraw) Das Auszahlen von Binance ist nicht schwierig, jedoch muss man genau aufpassen, dass man die Adresse und auch die richtige Blockchain (Netzwerk) angibt.. Das folgende Tutorial zeigt dir Schritt für Schritt, wie du von Binance deine Kryptowährungen auf eine andere Plattform oder auf deine Wallet transferierst

For depositing to YoBit: After logging into YoBit, go to the Wallets tab Search for ETH and then click the + sign under the Deposit column If it does not show any address, you will need to click the Obtain new address button The address it gives you is what you will use for the Address. — Binance (@binance) May 10, 2021 All withdrawals are temporarily suspended on #Binance. Rest assured our team is working on it. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. If you submit a withdrawal request it will be added to a queue, but until this issue is resolved it will not be processed. Soon after, within half an hour, came the second long-awaited. Place a withdrawal ¶. Make sure you enable Withdrawal permissions for your API Key to use this call. You must have withdrawn to the address through the website and approved the withdrawal via email before you can withdraw using the API. Raises a BinanceWithdrawException if the withdraw fails. from binance.exceptions import BinanceAPIException. Link to my crypto trading course: https://www.udemy.com/course/cryptocurrency-trading-crash-course-for-beginners/?referralCode=C0025C6EAAEB25BE92A1*****.. SEPA Withdraw on Binance funktioniert nicht:((Antworten. Dietma sagt: Januar 11, 2021 um 6:37 pm Uhr Seit einem Jahr habe ich genau dieses Problen. Ich finde keine Lösung , wie ich eine Auszahlung auf mein Bankkonto veranlasse. Wahrscheinlich müssen erst viele Nutzer auf diese Frage hinweisen bis Binance reagiert! Macht mit!! Antworten. Siggi sorglos sagt: Januar 29, 2021 um 3:15 pm Uhr Ich.

Cara Withdraw Binance Lewat Indodex. Sudah saya katakan untuk bisa menarik uang ke rekening bank pribad, kamu harus melakukan withdraw lebih dulu ke akun Cryptocurrency Wallet. Disini saya bebas kamu ingin menggunakan platform mana, sebagai contoh saya akan menjelaskan lewat Indodex. Bagaimana caranya? Simak! Step by Step yang harus kamu semua lakukan sebagai berikut. Pastikan kamu semua sudah. binance war zu beginn eine gute exchange, in den letzten jahren hat sich leider gezeigt das Crypto immer noch komplett manipuliert wird und abzocke an der tagesordnung steht wallets werden random gesperrt, long und short positionen werden durch ein intransparentes system zufällig getriggert und man wird liquidiert und das sind nur die einfachen probleme sucht was anderes nützlich. Teilen. Binance facilitates the deposit and withdrawal of funds in crypto and fiat money. Choose the crypto wallet that you wish to withdraw from and click Withdraw. 1. Select the recipient BTC address from the dropdown menu. 2. Choose the transfer netw..

Binance suspends Ethereum and ERC-20 token withdrawals.; Ethereum based tokens were temporarily suspended citing high network congestion as the reason for the suspension. Binance suspending Ether. To make it easier for users to switch to deposit and withdraw USDT using Binance Smart Chain, Wefinex decides to run a promotion campaign that offers free withdrawal fees on BSC, starting from the release date of this function to March 31st, 2021. Please remember to check carefully which blockchain you want to withdraw and make sure that the platform you withdraw to supports BSC addresses. How to Withdraw from Binance - Step by Step Guide. In this step-by-step guide, I'll show you how to withdraw from Binance and send your funds across to an external wallet address. Withdrawing your crypto to a hardware wallet such as a Ledger or Trezor are the safest ways to store your crypto.. To get started, log Into to Binance.com, go to 'Wallet' at the top of the screen, and select. Binance suspends the withdrawal of Ethereum on its Smart Chain. The platform cites congestion as the reason for the suspension. However, BNB becomes the third-largest crypto by market cap after making a new ATH today. Binance briefly suspends Ethereum withdrawal. On Friday, Binance revealed via a tweet that it has briefly stopped the withdrawal of Ethereum and Ethereum-based tokens, citing. Binance Jersey only supports you if you are from the list of accepted countries. How to make a fiat currency (GBP/EUR) deposit to your account. Note: Before you can deposit or withdraw money inside your Binance account, you need to pass your account verification via the KYC process first

How to withdraw BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain

THE Binance cryptocurrency exchange briefly suspended withdrawals last month, leaving customers without their investments. We explain why withdrawals were suspended and what your rights are. But f Binance Suspends Ethereum and ERC-20 Token Withdrawals Before Quickly Reversing Course The rollercoaster-ride in cryptocurrency prices on Monday was accompanied by Binance's fresh restrictions. Binance Suspends All Withdrawals for Customers. Leading crypto exchange Binance has announced in a tweet the suspension of withdrawals for all assets. Earlier today, it announced the temporary closing of withdrawals for ETH and XLM due to large volumes reached by these currencies. Prior to that, ETH had surged above the $4,100 level, reaching a. To enable withdrawals via the API, the API key restriction needs to be modified through the Binance UI. Enabling Accounts Spot Account. A SPOT account is provided by default upon creation of a Binance Account. Margin Account. To enable a MARGIN account for Margin Trading, please refer to the Margin Trading Guide. SPOT Testne

Cara Withdraw Binance. Cara menarik Binance menjadi rupiah sangatlah mudah. Jika ingin melakukan penarikan Binance ke rupiah, maka Anda bisa langsung saja simak tutorial yang akan berikan. Berikut ini merupakan cara melakukan penarikan di Binance: Buka aplikasi Binance Anda dan jangan lupa menggunakan akun Binance yang Anda miliki. Klik menu Wallet, lalu lakukan Withdraw di Binance. Following the recent announcement from the South African Binance team, the ability to withdraw from your ZAR wallet was finally enabled today at 6am.. Binance offers a number of ZAR pairs, including BTC/ZAR, BNB/ZAR, ETH/ZAR and USDT/ZAR among others. We decided to give the withdrawal process ago this morning to see the process of withdrawing funds to a South African bank account If not, understand that deposits to Binance require a number of on-chain confirmations which can take some time. If you require assistance at any time, we recommend contacting Binance support. Withdrawing. 5. Once the deposit confirmations are complete, locate Chiliz or CHZ in your Binance.com wallet and press withdraw. 6. Here is the key part They will also ask for it again to confirm Binance withdrawals. To illustrate how easy it is, let's recreate the experience using the Binance app for iPhone. Download and open the Binance app on your device. After supplying your email address and password, you'll be prompted to enter your Authy code (yes, where it says Google Authenticator). Now open the Authy app to get the B


In the process of Binance withdrawal suspension due to risk management, the function resumes automatically when the time is up, or you call Binance Helpline Number. Binance withdrawal rejected. Now you know, why Binance rejected your fund withdrawal request. And the function automatically resumes when it detects that the time is up. If you feel uncomfortable waiting out the automatic. The table below shows the withdrawal charges for some of the listed token on the Binance exchange. For full withdrawal fees for all coins visit the binance website here. Deposits and Withdrawals. Deposits and withdrawals can be conducted on Binance only with selected cryptocurrencies. These deposit cryptocurrencies are Ethereum and Bitcoin. It is presently not possible to deposit fiat currency. 1. Log into your Binance.US account, then click the Withdraw button from the dropdown menu. 2. Select the cryptocurrency you would like to withdraw. Then enter the withdrawal address by either selecting the address or enter the withdrawal address and input the amount of cryptocurrency, followed by the Submit button: 3

Crypto Deposit/Withdrawal. Crypto Wallet Maintenance. Deposit TAG/MEMO. Deposit TAG/MEMO & Extraction Fee. How to Deposit Crypto. How to Recover VET Sent to an ETH Address. How to Withdraw via Crypto out of your Binance.US account. Sending BEP2 Assets with the Binance DEX. Sending BEP2 Assets with Trust Wallet Trading and Withdrawal Fees Schedule. Binance employs a complex fee schedule, meaning that fees are variable based on multiple factors. As such, the standard fee can be reduced based on your 30-day trading volume, BNB token balance, and referral efforts. The fee schedule is level-based; therefore, the higher your VIP level, the lower fee you'll be paying. To put this into perspective, a. Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has started withdrawing the native token XYM of the new chain Symbol, which was born with a major update of NEM (XEM). The work of sorting to XYM user accounts obtained from opt-in was completed on March 23, but the scheduled withdrawal date and time has been changed several times, and the formal withdrawal process has started today. The. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

Withdraw from Binance Cash Wallet to Xfers. Free. Order Fee Cheapest way to withdraw Binance ZAR? Thread starter Dade Murphy; Start date Jan 18, 2021; D. Dade Murphy Senior Member. Joined Aug 18, 2010 Messages 671. Jan 18, 2021 #1 I have some crypto on. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has opened a fiat gateway for Hong Kong dollars. Launched thanks to its partnership with Epay, Binance said on Monday users can deposit and withdraw Hong Kong.

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  1. After setting the withdrawal amount, Binance will automatically deduct the transaction fee. You won't have to give any additional fees. When you are ready, click '' Submit''. Next, you will be required to provide your 2FA authentication. If everything goes just as it should be, you will receive an email to confirm your withdrawal request. In case you haven't received the email.
  2. Just now, major crypto trader Binance has tweeted that withdrawals of Ethereum and all tokens based on its ERC-20 standard will be suspended during temporary wallet maintenance. This will happen starting at 8 a.m. UTC and extending until 9 a.m. UTC. The exchange assures users that trading and deposits will continue operating during this period
  3. g on the.

Binance Withdrawal Fee & Limits. There are no deposit fees when you deposit crypto. If you want to deposit some fiat currency, fees vary from 3-5%, a standard rate for buying cryptocurrencies with debit/credit cards. The amount which can be withdrawn each day is determined by user's verification tier. You're placed at Level 1 without submitting any verification details, and you can. Hallo Trader, belakangan ini saya lihat ada temen teman yang masih kesusahan untuk melakukan deposit ataupun withdraw ke rekening bank di market exchange binance. nah pada artikel kali ini, saya akan membahas lengkap bagaimana caranya melakukan deposit atau penarikan ke market binance Binance suspended its withdrawals for a period this morning. Speculation points to the SHIB listing as a possible factor.More From InvestorPlace Why Everyone Is Investing in 5G All WRONG It doesn.

Binance Crypto currency exchange has announced that withdrawals made with Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens will be temporarily suspended.. Binance announced on Thursday morning that Ethereum and ERC-20 wallets will be maintained.. While trading transactions in the exchange will continue in their normal course during maintenance, withdrawals to be made with Ethereum and ERC-20 standard will be stopped All withdrawals are temporarily suspended on #Binance. Rest assured our team is working on it. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. 4:10 AM - 10 May 2021. 1,177 Retweets 6,425 Likes 1,187 replies 1,177 retweets 6,425 likes. Reply.

Binance Coin's (BNB) price spiked immediately after the pause was announced. On its official Twitter account, Binance announced that it had suspended withdrawals of ETH and Ethereum-based (ERC-20) tokens. The suspension was due to community congestion. At the same time, Binance disclosed that all funds were SAFU (Safe Asset Fund for Customers) #Binance will suspend withdrawals for Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens starting from 2021-05-13 8:00 AM (UTC) for temporary wallet maintenance. Trading and deposits are not affected. Withdrawals will be reopened at 2021-05-13 9:00 AM (UTC) If you wish to decrease your Binance withdrawal fee and trading fee to %0.071, then you are currently in the right place to learn how to do it perfectly. In this article, I will explain how to decrease Binance trading fees, then later I will also discuss ways to reduce Binance withdrawal fees as well

Binance, the world's largest crypto-exchange by volume, has announced that it will be suspending withdrawals temporarily in order to address a large increase in requests from new unique users. In fact, while withdrawals did resume for a few minutes, they were suspended again soon. Binance CEO CZ was quick to take to Twitter to reassure [ Binance temporarily suspends ETH withdrawals, conspiracy theorists cry foul. Amid BNB's meteoric rise on Friday and Bitcoin's climb to a new all-time high of $56,000, the world's largest.

Binance Deposit and Withdrawal Fees. Deposits in Binance are entirely free. The withdrawal fee and minimum withdrawal is determined upon the blockchain network. Hence, they are not fixed and depend upon network congestion. For example, To withdraw Bitcoin, you can use any one of the following networks. Each network has a different minimum withdrawal and withdrawal fee. Network Minimum. 1 hr ·. #BNB withdrawals are temporarily suspended due to a large volume increase causing a withdrawal backlog. Rest assured our team is working on it. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. 697697. 521 Comments 81 Shares. Share

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Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in July 2017. The name Binance is a blend of binary and finance. It's capable of processing 1,400,000 orders per second, and support many cryptocurrencies. Led by Changpeng Zhao, Binance is of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, serving more than 10 million customers around the world. Rank 1 Binance Holdings Ltd., the largest cryptocurrency exchange, briefly suspended withdrawals on Monday. The company made the announcement on Twitter that it had stopped withdrawals, and then about half an hour later said they had resumed. Changpeng Zhao, the Binance co-founder who goes by CZ, said by text message that we sometimes have to do. Now that Google Authenticator has been set, Binance will now ask you for your 2FA code every time you sign into Binance and to confirm withdrawals. Using two-factor authentication is really simple, though. Log into the Binance app with your email and password as you normally would. From there, you'll be prompted to enter your Google Authenticator 2FA code. So open the Google Authenticator app.

How to Withdraw Crypto Currency. How to Whitelist Your Crypto Address. How to Deposit Crypto Currency. Fund transfer from Binance wallet to Xfers wallet Kali ini, artikel Coinvestasi akan membahas cara mudah untuk melakukan withdraw dana Rupiah dari platform Binance. Membuka Dompet Binance. Langkah pertama yang harus dilakukan adalah meng-klik tulisan wallet untuk membuka dompet yang ada di Binance. Tulisan tersebut dapat dilihat di bagian bawah aplikasi seperti pada gambar di atas. Memilih Withdraw. Langkah berikutnya adalah meng-klik tulisan.

How to Rebind Your ACH Account – BinanceReview: Binance Exchange | Made for Bitcoin

You all know Binance, but there is also Binance for EU citizens and some other countries called Binance Jersey.After verification you can easily withdraw EUR and GBP to your Revolut account or other bank account and it is free of charge until end of 2019! The minimum limit for withdraw is 120 EUR and you will get whole 120 EUR to your Revolut account without any fees Welcome to python-binance v1.0.12. Updated 11th May 2021. This is an unofficial Python wrapper for the Binance exchange REST API v3. I am in no way affiliated with Binance, use at your own risk. If you came here looking for the Binance exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies, then go here . If you want to automate interactions with Binance stick. Once you withdraw to your extension Binance wallet, you'd think you could send to Metamask. Nope. It doesn't work. Un-needed Middleman. The final step is to go from the BC to the BSC on your Binance Extension Wallet. It does NOT work directly to MetaMask, not for me anyway. Your BSC address begins with 0x, like an Ethereum address. While you're in the same account on your Binance. මචන්ලා Binance , p2p වලින් USDT sell කරනකොට USDT minimum amount එක කීයද? USDT 10 ක් විතර withdraw කරන්න බෑ නේද? Help me.... 1.What is Binance Withdrawal Fee 2021? 2.How much is the Btc withdrawal fee on the Binance Exchange 2021? Let's find out how much it costs to withdraw Btc on the Binance Exchange today. Coin fees are different on Binance exchanges. In the case of Btc, the fee is higher than other coins. 1.What is Binance Withdrawl Fee? The Binance Withdrawal Fee is the cost you have to pay when transferring.

Binance: How to withdraw your funds to your bank accoun

Binance Holdings Ltd., the largest cryptocurrency exchange, briefly suspended withdrawals on Monday. The company made the announcement on Twitter that it had stopped withdrawals, and then about half an hour later said they had resumed. It didn't elaborate on the reason behind the move and spokespeople for the exchange didn't immediately return a request for comment. Withdrawals are now. Make sure your currency is supported by the wallet, then visit the deposits withdrawals link in Binance, find your currency and click the withdrawal button and enter the address given by your wallet. Make sure you double-check the address is correct and I would recommend sending a small amount first to check everything's fine before sending the full amount. Hope that helps .

All withdrawals are temporarily suspended on #Binance. Rest assured our team is working on it. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. Show this thread 4:34 AM - 10 May 2021. 650 Retweets 4,511 Likes 632 replies 650 retweets 4,511 likes. Reply. Due to skyrocketing demand, Binance was forced to suspend all withdrawals of BNB on the platform on Apr. 20, 2021. According to an official Twitter post from the Binance team, a major increase in. The Binance Smart Chain supports cross-chain transfers, allowing for pegged coins to be created (these tokens are pegged to the BSC chain). These pegged tokens operate as BEP-20 tokens on the Bianance Smart Chain. We do not support Binance Smart Chain tokens. To be clear, these tokens, among others not listed here, will not be accepted Binance has temporarily ceased ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 token withdrawals due to high network load. This comes amidst a surge in the Binance Coin (BNB) causing some conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, ETH is quickly approaching the $2,000 resistance area. promo. Free Cloud Mining Providers to Mine Bitcoin in 2021 Binance App - Trading Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies with ease using our crypto app. This update: ⁃ P2P wallet added pending order entrance ⁃ Lite support buying more coins ⁃ Add prompts for ongoing deposit and withdrawal orders ⁃ Brand new sell crypto flow ⁃ Support submitting withdrawal appea

What Is Binance Smart Chain and How To Access It - BitcoinHow to Transfer IRIS to Binance DEX with Rainbow

Crypto Exchange Binance Temporarily Suspends Withdrawal

Leading global cryptocurrency exchange Binance now supports Hong Kong dollars (HKD) deposits and withdrawals with its partnership with Epay. According to the announcement, once the HKD is deposited into the users' Binance wallet, users will be able to buy and sell crypto with HKD with the platform's one-click buy/sell service

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