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In other words, 1 basis points is 1 percent of one. Therefore, to calculate 1 basis points in percentage, we calculate 1 percent of one percent. Below is the math and the answer to 1 basis points to percent: (1 x 1)/100 = 0.01 1 basis points = 0.01 Therefore, to calculate 10 basis points in percentage, we calculate 10 percent of one percent. Below is the math and the answer to 10 basis points to percent: (10 x 1)/100 = 0.1. 10 basis points = 0.1%

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  1. Basis points (BPS) represent a unit that is employed to measure interest rates and other financial percentages. It is very simple to calculate basis points using a very straightforward formula. A basis point is equal to 1/100 th of a single percentage point. As such, it can be denoted as 0.01% or 0.0001 in decimal form
  2. Basis points are frequently used in the financial markets to communicate percentage change. For example, your interest rate may have decreased by 83 basis points or your stock price went up by 83 basis points. 83 basis points means 83 hundredth of a percent. In other words, 83 basis points is 83 percent of one. Therefore, to calculate 83 basis points in percentage, we calculate 83 percent of one percent. Below is the math and the answer to 83 basis points to percent
  3. To express the percentage in basis points, calculate the difference and multiply it by 100: 1.5% - 1.25% = 0.25%. 0.25 * 100 = 25. You can say that the interest rate decreased by 25 BPS
  4. In other words, 46 basis points is 46 percent of one. Therefore, to calculate 46 basis points in percentage, we calculate 46 percent of one percent. Below is the math and the answer to 46 basis points to percent: (46 x 1)/100 = 0.4

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Converting Basis Points to Percentages The easiest way to convert basis points into a percent form is to simply take the number of basis points and multiply by 0.0001, which will convey the percent.. Convert Percent to Basis Points Format. Thread starter atgordon; Start date Nov 7, 2007; A. atgordon Board Regular. Joined Nov 17, 2004 Messages 118. Nov 7, 2007 #1 Does anyone know if there is a customer format I can use to change the percent value of a cell to basis points? I tried creating my own, but was having difficulty. For example, if the cell value in A1 is 2%, I would like to have it. Task: Convert 350,000 bps per second to Megabits per second (show work) Formula: bps ÷ 1,000,000 = Mbps Calculations: 350,000 bps ÷ 1,000,000 = 0.35 Mbps Result: 350,000 bps is equal to 0.35 Mbps Welcome to the Basis Points to Decimal Calculator. This calculator can convert basis points to decimal. Converting basis points to decimal is a two-step process. First, you convert basis points to percent, and second, you convert the percent to decimal. Enter your basis points below to see how to convert it to decimal using our two-step process

Saying an increase of 10 percentage points / pp / % points equals 50% + 10% = 60% Saying an increase of 100 basis points / bps equals 50% + 1% = 51% If in doubt, better to give too much information than to give too little Calculate Basis Point (BPS) correctly in Excel 2010. I am looking to make sure that I am calculating basis points BPS correctly in Excel. I currently use the following formula, = (A1-B1)*10000 and use percentages to two or one decimal places it works great, example 54.90% and 45.50% and the cell is set to percent format type. If I am using.

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This percentage means there's no bottleneck at the OS disk. Now let's check the data disks that are attached to the VM by looking at the Data Disk IOPS Consumed Percentage: This metric tells us that the average IOPS consumed percentage across all the disks attached is around 42%. This percentage is calculated based on the IOPS that are used by the disks, and aren't being served from the host cache. Let's drill deeper into this metric by applyin For example, a difference of 0.10 percentage points is equivalent to a change of 10 basis points (e.g., a 4.67% rate increases by 10 basis points to 4.77%). In other words, an increase of 100 basis points means a rise by 1 percentage point. Like percentage points, basis points avoid the ambiguity between relative and absolute discussions about interest rates by dealing only with the absolute.

In finance, Basis Points (BPS) are a unit of measurement equal to 1/100th of 1 percent. BPS are used for measuring interest rates, the yield of a fixed-income security, and other percentages or rates used in finance Basis Points (BPS) is the smallest unit of measuring yield on the bond, note, and other fixed-income Security. One basis point is equal to 1/100 of one percentage point or 0.01. BPS is commonly used by the stakeholders in the financial market because it brings clarity to the discussion 10 bps in percentage 10 bps convert to percentage - Bin . If you are confused about rate changes, take a look at our percentage of a percentage calculator or the percentage difference calculator. 10 m P T 30 η -10 dB N 0 -164 dBm/Hz percentage of time (not continuously) Bankrate.comOne basis point is equal to one-hundredth of 1 percent, or .01. Basis points are also referred to in the. In finance, Basis Points (BPS) are a unit of measurement equal to 1/100th of 1 percent.Click here to learn more about this topic: https://corporatefinanceins..

Early stage delinquencies declined on a quarter-over-quarter basis. The 30-day rate was down 32 bps to 1.46 percent, the lowest rate since the survey began in 1979. The 60-day delinquency rate. In finance, specifically in foreign exchange markets, a percentage in point or price interest point (pip) is a unit of change in an exchange rate of a currency pair. The major currencies (except the Japanese yen) are traditionally priced to four decimal places, and a pip is one unit of the fourth decimal place: for dollar currencies this is to 1/100 of a cent. For the yen, a pip is one unit of. To calculate the number of basis points, simply multiply the percentage by 100. To easily multiply something by 100, simply take the original number and add two zeros after it. For example, 40 percent would be 4,000 basis points. Additionally, if something is 10 percent, but during a year it has raised to 10.25 percent, then it is customary to. 250,000 bps: 0.03125 MBps: Related Units. This table provides a summary of the Data Rate units. Unit Symbol Description; bits per second: bps or b/s or bit/s: 1 bps = 0.125 Bps: Kilobits per second: Kbps or kb/s or kbit/s: 1 Kbps = 1,000 bps: Megabits per second: Mbps or Mb/s or Mbit/s: 1 Mbps = 1,000 Kbps: Gigabits per second : Gbps or Gb/s or Gbit/s: 1 Gbps = 1,000 Mbps: Terabits per second. The percentage being worked out is calculating it from the whole set of data rather than just the date range. As you can imagine this makes all the percentages really small as the event_count is lower. - Dean Flaherty May 19 '16 at 9:00. Just add the same where clause to the inner select. - juergen d May 19 '16 at 10:08. @juergend Won' it be computationally too heavy for large datasets.

83 Basis Points in Percentage (Convert 83 bps to percent

Basis points are often abbreviated to bp or bps, and they are the equivalent of 1/100th of one percentage point, and thus it can be expressed as 0.01 percent or 0.0001. When it comes to interest rate calculations, we can multiply the percentage rate by 100 for the purpose of finding the number of basis points, and so 0.25 percent multiplied by 100 equals 25 basis points Facts and Figures. Over the past twenty years, the Boston Public Schools (BPS) has been transformed from a failing school district to one of the most renowned urban public school systems in the country. We educate more than 54,000 students in 125 schools - 74 percent of the school-age children who live in Boston

A percentage point or percent point is the unit for the arithmetic difference of two percentages. For example, moving up from 40% to 44% is a 4 percentage point increase, but is a 10 percent increase in what is being measured. In the literature, the percentage point unit is usually either written out, or abbreviated as pp or p.p. to avoid ambiguity. After the first occurrence, some writers. English farmers are set to see their Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments cut by between 5% and 25% as of next year, 2021, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has confirmed. In its Farming for the Future: Policy and Progress Update, published this week, the department outlined its plans for the coming [ Calculate the number of basis points in an interest rate by multiplying the percentage rate by 100. For example, an interest rate increase of 0.50 percent multiplied by 100 equals 50 basis points. If you want to go in the other direction and convert basis points to a percentage figure, divide the number of basis points by 100 Definition: Basis points (BPS) are the smallest measurement of fixed income securities and interest rate quotes and are used to measure changes and differentials in interest rates and margins. What Does Basis Points Mean? What is the definition of basis points? Financial analysts and investors use bps when they want to express minor percentage changes

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Rewards are calculated and distributed to voters when jumpstart rewards are received. Currently, jumpstart rewards are distributed to BPs every 604,800 blocks, approximately 7 days. Each account will get the voters reward with respect to the percentage of its valid votes in all valid votes to the BP. Valid votes are the number of VEST that. Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) noted that the average daily wage for farm workers in May 2021 rose by 0.14 percent as compared to the previous month, reaching Rp56,710, from Rp56,629 per day. However, due to an increase in the household consumption index by 0.22 percent in.

Some states have more than 40 percent such schools. Despite the rise in BPS, there is very little public information about the schools. U-DISE data clubs both private aided and private unaided schools as a single category, making it very difficult to estimate the actual number of BPS. Moreover, some of the unrecognised schools remain excluded. Mortgage applications in the US fell 3.1 percent in the week ending June 4th, the third consecutive weekly drop, data from the Mortgage Bankers Association showed. Applications to refinance a home loan were down 5.1 percent, pushing the index to its lowest since February of 2020 while purchases edged up 0.3 percent. The average fixed 30-year mortgage rate edged down by 2 bps to 3.15 percent BPS payments will be reduced in a 'progressive way' from 2021, according to George Eustice, amid calls for its transition period to be delayed. There will be an agricultural transition period in England between 2021 and 2027 as the payments are gradually phased out. It will start with a reduction of 5 percent, with the largest landowners taking the biggest hit initially, the Defra Secretary.

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  1. Percentage change in profit year-over-yearQuick Table CalculationEdit Table CalculationChange Table Calculation (% Difference in Profit)Calculation Type: Per..
  2. SBP slashes policy rate by 100 bps to 7percent. 11 months ago. Add Comment. by The Frontier Post. Written by The Frontier Post. Sher Afzal. KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Thursday announced that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) had decided to reduce the policy rate by 100 basis points to 7 percent. This decision reflected the MPC's view that the inflation outlook had improved.
  3. BPS provides a list of the domains, tasks, and knowledge statements specific to each specialty practice area to prospective candidates. This content outline is developed through a nationwide study of the work pharmacists perform in academic, community and institutional settings and also notes the percentage of items per domain
  4. SBP reduces interest rate by 100 bps to 7 percent. June 25, 2020. Web Desk. KARACHI: State Bank of Pakistan has reduced the key interest rate by 100 basis points to seven percent. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the central bank held a meeting on Wednesday and decided to reduce the policy rate based on improvement in the inflation outlook. The central bank maintained that domestic.
  5. Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia recorded a .32-percent increase in inflation in May this year, fueled by a rise in the price of foodstuffs, transportation fares, and gold jewelry, according to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS). The commodities and services that contributed to inflation included purebred chicken meat, air transport tariffs, beef.

During the January-April 2021, the number of foreign tourist visits reached 511,440, or a sharp decline of 81.78 percent, as compared to 2.81 million foreign tourist visits during the same period in 2020. Related news: Foreign tourist arrivals in March 2021 increased 14.54 percent: BPS Press Release January 31, 2020 Signify reports full-year sales of EUR 6.2 billion, improvement in profitability by 30 bps to 10.4% an.. These BPS-17 officers will get Rs. 30370 - Rs. 76370 amount and this official figure is given by this salary calculator. You can all keep connected with us and we will share more instant information and valid updates on the area of BPS Salary Calculator for government employees Of Pakistan. Use this calculator if you want to calculate any of grade scale employee salary. Share. Facebook.

SBP reduces interest rate by 100 bps to 8 percent. SBP introduces automation of tax refunds project. Source: FILE. May 15, 2020. Web Desk. KARACHI: The State Bank on Pakistan on Friday announced the new monetary policy and reduced the key policy rate by 100 basis points to eight percent. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) said the decision was based on the inflation outlook has improved. BPS: Refund of Financial Discipline Mechanism monies. The NFU BPS advisers have put together this Q&A on the refund of BPS 2018 financial discipline monies to a significant number of farmers who claimed BPS 2019. These payments will, in the main, be issued in July 2020 The BPS earlier recorded that Indonesia's economy had contracted by 2.07 percent (yoy) in 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic started to impact the economy, Indonesia's economic growth had slowed down to 2.97 percent in the first quarter of 2020, as compared to some five percent (yoy) in normal conditions In this backdrop and after detailed deliberations, the MPC decided to increase the policy rate by 50 bps to 10.75 percent effective from 1st April 2019. - Advertisement - Share. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Linkedin. ReddIt. Email. Tumblr. Telegram. LINE. Previous article KSE-100 up by 96 points closed at 38,649. Next article Mozambique: 138 cases of cholera detected after cyclone.

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Convert BPS Output to Percentage of Interface Bandwidth Jump to solution. Hi there, I'm using a slightly modified 95th percentile utilization rate report on specific interfaces. The data output for the Interface is give in bps. Is there a way to have this number converted to a percentage of the interface bandwidth as specified in solar. For example, one of my interfaces shows a receive bps of. In this case, 10 bps would be equal to 0.10 percent; It's an easy way to calculate the basis point change; Conversely, if you want to determine the bps of a percentage point, then you can do so by either multiplying the percentage by 100 or simply moving the decimal point two places to the left; In this situation, .25% would equate to 25 bps REDCODE 28 Codec (compression: 10:1 or 10%): 119.44 M bps = 14.93 M B/s = 895.8 M B/min = 53.75 G B/hr; JPEG2000 250Mbps for 2Kp48 (compression: 15.3:1 or 6.5%): 78.06 M bps = 9.76 M B/s = 585.49 M B/min = 35.13 G B/hr; MPEG2 High (1080p25 = 80 Mbps) (compression: 15.5:1 or 6.5%): 77.06 M bps = 9.63 M B/s = 577.93 M B/min = 34.68 G B/hr; DVD MPEG2 (480p25 = 9.8 Mbps) (compression: 21.1:1 or 4. (1 percentage point = 100 basis points or bps). The rating agency said India had been showing strong recovery momentum since September last year and until March-April of 2021 before the massive.

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  1. Correct Percent of Agarose Depends on the Size Products Tested. The correct percent agarose gel is dependant on the size of the fragment that will be tested. Plasmid DNA preparations that are 5 kb to7 kb resolve well on a 1% gel. Large PCR fragments that are similar in size to plasmid DNA could also resolve on a 1 % percent gel. However, small PCR fragments that require smaller pore size for.
  2. Does the BPS Procurement Directive apply to all procurement activities? Maximum justifiable weighting does not require organizations to allocate the largest percentage of weighting to price, but rather, it is intended to encourage organizations to assign maximum weighting to price that is appropriate for the given procurement, in the context of value for money with price being one of.
  3. Il basis point (letteralmente punto base in italiano) è lo 0,01% di una quantità (0,01% = 0,1‰ = 1‱), in altre parole la centesima parte di un punto percentuale.Unicode U+2031. È una misura utilizzata in finanza per indicare quantità percentuali molto ridotte come il sovrapprezzo di un titolo rispetto all'indice di riferimento, un rendimento mensile o un costo legato all'ammontare di.
  4. BPS Cares; BPS Essentials for Equity; BPS Water; BuildBPS; Business Services; Classes, Workshops, Meetings & Events For BPS Families; Credit Recovery Programs; Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline; Division of Equity and Strategy; Educational Options; Essentials for Equity; Fall Open House; Family & Student Engagement ; Future Calendars; I'm In Posters; ILT TOOLKIT PAGES; ILT Toolkits.
  5. Points represent the smallest whole-number price increment change that can occur in futures trading. Ticks are smaller fractions of a point in futures price changes. Each tick is worth a certain fractional value, say, 0.10 or 0.25 points. Pips represent changes in the fourth decimal place in most forex currency pairs
  6. Percentage=89.3 CGPA=89.3/9.5=9.4. GRADE TABLE: Marks Grades CGPA; 91 to 100: A1: 10: 81 to 90: A2: 9: 71 to 80: B1: 8: 61 to 70: B2: 7: 51 to 60: C1: 6: 41 to 50: C2: 5: 33 to 40: D: 4: 21 to 32: E1: 0: 00 to 20: E2: 0: International views and opinions on CGPA. There are several grading systems used around the world which are similar to the CGPA system used by the CBSE. In England and Wales.

In pharmacy, BPS board certification is considered the gold standard when it comes to determining a pharmacist's qualifications and capabilities within a specialty area. Documentation of specialized experience and skills yields the additional benefits of personal satisfaction, financial rewards and career advancement. BPS specialty certification is the pharmacist's path to advancement in. Eligibility Criteria. Graduates and/or Post Graduates with minimum 9 months of relevant work experience. Only full-time courses would be considered. Candidates who have attended the TCS interview in the last 6 months need not apply

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Basis points, otherwise called bps or bips are a component of measure used in funds to spell out the percentage shift at the value of monetary instruments or the speed change in an indicator or other standard. 1 basis point is equal to 0.01percent (1/100th of a percentage ) or even 0.0001 in decimal form BPS Members can discuss this article. Already a member? Sign in Or Create an account. Not a member? Find out about becoming a member or subscriber. Comments. Shocking statistics. Permalink Submitted by Samira Ali on Wed, 03/04/2020 - 13:35. Being part of the BAME group, I am stunned to see the shocking statistics of BAME representations within psychology.I am currently studying on a Psychology. Sign In Search; Product Forums. The Orion Platform. Forum; Scalability Engines (HA, APE, AWS JAKARTA - The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) confirmed that Indonesia's economic growth during the first quarter of 2021 was still on a contractionary path with a record of minus 0.74 percent year-on-year (yoy) compared to the same period in 2020. Meanwhile, household consumption was the source of the deepest contraction with minus 1.22 percent The percentage of female to male registered psychologists is around 80% female to 20% male. This is similar for all protected titles except occupational where it moves to 70% female to 30% male and sports and exercise where it moves to 40% female and 60% male. These proportions mirror those of society members of the corresponding divisions. 4.

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Private banking profit pools in Western Europe fell 1.5 percent to €13.3 billion for 2019, down from €13.5 billion in the year prior (Exhibit 1). At the same time, the aggregate profit margin fell to a 12-year low of 21 bps of AUM—down from 22 bps in 2018, and 35 bps in 2007. Exhibit 1 and is shared subject to a limited revocable license for the sole use of BPS volunteers in exam development activities. All other uses and disclosure to non-essential persons are expressly prohibited. Pharmacotherapy Specialist . Content Outline . FINALIZED JULY 2019/FOR USE ON FALL 2020 EXAMINATION AND FORWARD . Definition and Target Audience . Pharmacotherapy ensures the safe, appropriate. 40, 90, or 100 Percent of Performance? Roger G. Ibbotson and Paul D. Kaplan Disagreement over the importance of asset allocation policy stems from asking different questions. We used balanced mutual fund and pension fund data to answer the three relevant questions. We found that about 90 percent of the variability in returns of a typical fund across time is explained by policy, about 40. (BPS - Statistics Indonesia) Jl. Dr. Sutomo 6-8 Jakarta 10710 Indonesia, Telp (62-21) 3841195, 3842508, 3810291, Faks (62-21) 3857046, Mailbox : bpshq@bps.go.id. Untuk tampilan terbaik Anda dapat gunakan berbagai jenis browser kecuali IE, Mozilla Firefox 3-, and Safari 3.2- dengan lebar minimum browser beresolusi 275 pixel

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  1. Pharmacy Specialties and is shared subject to a limited revocable license for the sole use of BPS volunteers in exam development activities. All other uses and disclosure to non-essential persons are expressly prohibited. Page 1 BOARD OF PHARMACY SPECIALTIES PHARMACOTHERAPY SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION CONTENT OUTLINE/CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM FINALIZED SEPTEMBER 2015/FOR USE ON FALL 2016 EXAMINATION.
  2. Von BPS Bau direkt ins digitale Archiv. Vergangen sind die Tage, an denen Sie Akten stapeln mussten. Mit dem digitalen Archiv DokuBit sind Ihre Daten GoBD konform und somit revisionssicher abgelegt. Mehr erfahren . Mobil. Ihr Handy wird zum Universal-Werkzeug! Damit können Sie die Daten direkt da erfassen, wo sie entstehen: auf der Baustelle! Erfassungsgerät, Stift und Zettel sind passé.
  3. Megabits per second to bps per second Conversion Example Task: Convert 5 Megabits per second to bps per second (show work) Formula: Mbps x 1,000,000 = bps Calculations: 5 Mbps x 1,000,000 = 5,000,000 bps Result: 5 Mbps is equal to 5,000,000 bps. Conversion Table. For quick reference purposes, below is a conversion table that you can use to convert from Megabits per second to bps per second.
  4. istratively independent agency started by and physically housed on the premises of the American Pharmacists Association. The BPS is totally separate and distinct from ACCP. The BPS, via its specialty councils, is responsible for specialty exa
  5. e how many bits must be measured in the lab (that is, how much time is required to measure data) to achieve a specific confidence level, assu

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Thus emotional forgiveness is the replacement of negative unforgiving emotions with positive other-oriented emotions such as empathy, sympathy, compassion or love. This tends to be facilitated by non-self-focused emotions, like gratitude, humility and hope, but those emotions are not the replacement emotions Percentage Difference in Excel is used to find the percentage changes, ups and downs, and the percentage value of any number. To find the percentage difference between any two numbers, subtract the smallest number from the bigger digit and then divide the outcome of subtraction with the smallest number among them. Then convert the obtained value into Percentage by clicking on % from the Home.

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BPS will not release personal information (other than name/address of certified individuals under established policy) without written authorization. Newly-certified pharmacy specialists will be added to BPS' official roster of certified pharmacists. This searchable list of BPS-certified specialists is published on the BPS website 400 bps to percentage Keyword Found Websites Listing . Keyword-suggest-tool.com DA: 28 PA: 30 MOZ Rank: 68. Bank credit set to grow 400-500 bps higher at 9-10% next ; Crisil.com DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 82; Bank credit is seen growing 400-500 basis points (bps) higher at 9-10% next fiscal as the Indian economy recovers, supported by budgetary stimulants and measures announced by the Reserve.

Solved percentage problems or questions with solutions frequently asked in all competitive exams like bank PO, SSC, CAT, interviews and entrance tests. Learn and practice percentage test questions with tricks, shortcuts and useful tips for percentage queries to become expert productivity gains, lowering their C/A ratio by 38 bps since 2013, compared to just 12 bps among developed market banks (Exhibit 2). On the risk front, in developed markets the impairment rate of 13 bps is by far the lowest in the past two decades, while the . rate of unemployment is also low at 3.5 percent, which suggest 20 Basis Points in Percentage (Convert 20 bps to percent) Percent.info DA: 12 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 66. Basis points are frequently used in the financial markets to communicate percentage change; For example, your interest rate may have decreased by 20 basis points or your stock price went up by 20 basis points. 20 basis points means 20 hundredth of. Sher Afzal KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Thursday announced that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) had decided to reduce the policy rate by 100 basis points to 7 percent. This decision reflected the MPC's view that the inflation outlook had improved further, while the domestic economic slowdown continues and downside risks to growth [ Poverty rate was down slightly to 11.22 percent of the nation's total population from 11.25 percent over the period. The BPS holds its poverty survey twice a year — in March and September — to highlight the different effects of the temporary jobs available in the peak harvest season -- typically between March and April. The figure had declined in September 2014 to 27.7 million people, or.

Indonesia's National Poverty Rate DropsLow rainfall may affect bank non-performing assetsPerkembangan Ekonomi Terkini 2015:IV – Macroeconomic Dashboard

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80 bps (0.80%) > 95%: 85 bps (0.85%) >$625,500: ≤ 95%: 100 bps (1.00%) > $625,500 > 95%: 105 bps (1.05%) 2021 MIP Rates for FHA Loans Up to 15 Years. Homebuyers who can afford to pay off their loans quicker and opt for a shorter term, such as a 15-year mortgage, will benefit from lower mortgage insurance premiums, as follows: Base Loan Amount LTV Annual MIP; ≤ 90%: 45 bps (0.45%) > 90%: 70. Looking forward, we estimate GDP Annual Growth Rate in Indonesia to stand at 4.50 in 12 months time. In the long-term, the Indonesia GDP Annual Growth Rate is projected to trend around 5.00 percent in 2022 and 6.00 percent in 2023, according to our econometric models. Trading Economics members can view, download and compare data from nearly 200. Salary-range adjustments are also expected to rise slightly in 2014, by 10 bps to 2.0 percent for executives and 1.9 percent for exempt and nonexempt populations (see Figure 2, below.) Salary. Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS - Statistics Indonesia) Jl. Dr. Sutomo 6-8 Jakarta 10710 Indonesia, Telp (62-21) 3841195, 3842508, 3810291, Faks (62-21) 3857046, Mailbox : bpshq@bps.go.i

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