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Within 20 working days following receipt of a complete notification file, the CSSF shall inform the AIFM whether it may start marketing the AIF identified in the notification file. The CSSF shall prevent the marketing of the AIF only if the AIFM's management of the AIF does not or will not comply with the AIFM Law or the AIFM otherwise does not or will not comply with the AIFM Law. In the case of a positive decision, the AIFM may start marketing the AIF in Luxembourg from the date of the. Notification of pre-marketing; The Marketing Rules introduce a requirement on EU AIFMs to notify their home Member State regulator (by way of an informal letter in paper form or by electronic means) within two weeks of having commenced pre-marketing in any Member State. The letter will be required to: specify the Member States and the periods in which the pre-marketing is taking or.

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An AIFM should notify us of a material change at least one month before the change takes effect. A material change must be notified before its implementation. AIFs affected by other UK permissions or regimes An AIF may be subject to rules, and an obligation to report changes, in respect of other UK permissions or regimes According to the AIFMD Marketing Notification Form, a change in information must be deemed material if there is a substantial likelihood that a reasonable investor, becoming aware of such information, would reconsider its investment in the AIF, including because such information could impact an investor's ability to exercise its rights in relation to its investment or otherwise prejudice the interests of one or more investors in the AIF

If an AIFM intends to pre-market an AIF (or potential AIF) in a member state, it will have to notify its home state competent regulatory authority within two (2) weeks after the commencement of pre-marketing activity within the EU and provide details of the timeframes for pre-marketing, a brief description of the pre-marketing and a list of AIFs being pre-marketed A notification of pre- marketing in Germany as Home Member State would therefore suffice to carry out pre-marketing throughout the EU. A similar notification procedure will apply to pre- marketing of non-EU AIFM in Germany (draft section 306b (4) KAGB) formal marketing notification procedures as permitted under the AIFMD. Pre-marketing by placement agents and distributors - Only third parties that are duly authorised in the EU as investment firm (or tied agent of an investment firm under MiFID), as credit institution, as UCITS management company or as AIFM are allowed to engage in pre-marketing activities on behalf of an authorised EU AIFM. In practice, this means that placemen The AIFMD Marketing Notification Form should be used by: authorised UK AIFMs wishing to market a UK AIF or an EU AIF in the UK to professional clients and/or retail clients; authorised UK AIFMs wishing to market a UK AIF or EU AIF to professional clients in another EU state by passporting under the Directive on a cross-border services basis; an

Further information on the notification requirement for EU AIF management companies or foreign AIF management companies intending to market units or shares in EU AIFs managed by them or in foreign AIFs to retail investors in Germany according to section 320 of the KAGB can be found in this guidance notice the EU AIFM notifies the national competent authorities of its home member state of its intention to cease marketing. The national competent authorities must transmit that notification to the national competent authorities of the member state identified in the notification within 15 working days of receipt; an Where the relevant provisions of AIFMD are switched on, in respect of a given jurisdiction, non-EU based managers based in the relevant jurisdiction will be permitted to apply to become authorised as an AIFM under the AIFM Directive and market its funds in the EU under the marketing passport. However, for the time being, managers based outside the EU can continue to market in an EU member state without the marketing passport, provided the marketing is subject to Irish AIFMs proposing to market the units or shares of EU AIFs to professional investors in Ireland must notify the Central Bank in accordance with Regulation 32. The notification form attached should be submitted by the Irish AIFM to the Central Bank in respect of the AIF (s) it intends to market

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AIFMD restricts marketing to Professional Investors domiciled or with their registered office in in a given EU/EEA member state marketing = direct or indirect offering or placement, carried out by the AIFM (manager) (or on behalf of the relevant AIFM), of units or shares of an AIF (fund) which it manages t The European Parliament and European Council have finalised the text of a new Directive (AIFMD 2) which supplements the original Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) by creating new requirements in relation to the so-called pre-marketing of private equity and other alternative investment funds to European professional investors

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The AIFMD prescribes that within 20 working days following receipt of a complete notification file, the AIFM's home regulator will inform the AIFM if it may start marketing the EU AIF. Where a positive notification is received, the AIFM can start marketing with effect from the date of receipt. The AIFM' The first guide considers whether the AIFMD marketing passport is working in practice and is a useful tool for managers as it illustrates the significant differences across jurisdictions. The second guide looks at the requirements that non-EEA managers face when marketing non-EEA alternative investment funds to professional EEA investors. To access the guides, please register for our Asset.

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  1. The Cross-border Distribution Directive (CBDD) amends the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) and introduces new rules for the pre-marketing of alternative investment funds (AIFs) in the European Union (EU).The new rules will impact existing practices in relation to pre-marketing activities - the key change being the introduction of a new notification requirement for pre.
  2. Pre-marketing on this basis only requires a notification to be filed with the AIFM's home state regulator within 2 weeks of commencement, rather than formal registration for marketing (which requires that the AIF itself is established, the AIFM appointed and the filing of a PPM with the regulator,) thus saving fees and time to be able to reach potential investors in the EU. The amendments.
  3. Marketing will continue to be undertaken in accordance with national PPRs until the Directive comes into force. The EU AIFM Position EU AIFM marketing an EU AIF: July 2013 onwards Authorised EU AIFMs may, from 22 July 2013, take advantage of an 'EU Passport' to market EU AIFs, subject to certain notification requirements. Such EU AIFMs must.

UK managers (UK AIFMs) that currently market their funds in Europe under the national private placement regimes implementing Article 36 of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) should be aware that their existing marketing notifications will lapse on 1 Jan. 2021. Following the end of the Brexit transition period. Changes to AIFMD Marketing Rules from August 2021. feel free to call us +447519645650 vmcewan@cleveland-co.com. Leela, April 28, 2021. April 28, 2021. , Industry News, 0. On 2 August 2021, new pre-marketing rules in respect of alternative investment funds ( AIFs ) will come into force in the European Union ( EU ), via the EU. the applicable AIFMD marketing notification procedure Consequently , an EU AFM will not be able to invoke and rely on reverse solicitation for such period of 18 months . Key features of p re-marketing definition: provision of information or communication, direct or indirect, on investment strategies or investment ideas by an EU AIFM or on its behalf (e.g. a placement agent) to potential.

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AIFMD Marketing and Pre-marketing . The marketing passport available to EEA AIFMs only applies to promotional activities that fall within the description of AIFMD Marketing. As is widely acknowledged in the market, the situation is complex, as Member States take different views about what constitutes AIFMD Marketing and when AIFMD Marketing is. already notified when full AIFMD marketing commences and thus have the ability to collect data at that stage regarding the type of AIFs that are being marketed in their jurisdiction. In addition, Member State regulators may require prior notification of marketing communications for ex-ante verification purposes. Where national competent authorities require prior notification, this should not.

Marketing is the direct or indirect offering or placement at the initiative of the alternative investment fund manager (AIFM) or on behalf of the AIFM of units or shares in an alternative investment fund that managed to or with investors domiciled or with a registered office in the EU. Pre marketing is allowed without notification in the UK ('marketing' only occurs when funds are. This matters because, pursuant to AIFMD, 'marketing' an AIF in the EU triggers certain compliance obligations. This includes a requirement to submit a prescribed form notification to the national competent authority in the EU member state in which one wishes to market. Failure to do so may result in a fine or public censure. In addition, any subscription agreements entered into as a result of. ESMA publishes guidance on funds' marketing communications. 27 May 2021. Fund Management. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU's securities regulator, has today published the final report on its Guidelines under the Regulation on cross-border distribution of funds. The Guidelines specify the requirements that funds.

a full-scope EEA AIFM wishes to market a UK AIF or an EEA AIF in the UK under the AIFMD to retail clients only (UK domestic marketing - EEA AIFM retail marketing only). The FCA has also imposed a new requirement to complete and submit a notification letter alongside the notification form, a template of which is provided immediately after the declaration in Section 3 of the notification form AIFMD marketing passport: General conditions applicable to Luxembourg Authorised AIFMs marketing EU AIFs in the EU 48 Preliminary remark 48 A. Where do Luxembourg Authorised AIFMs have to introduce the notification file in relation to the marketing of EU AIFs (including Luxembourg AIFs) to professional investors in another EU Member State? 49 B

In no circumstances can investors subscribe in the fund until the relevant AIFMD notifications have been made. Therefore, we question what investor detriment arises as a result of leaving the AIFMD notifications to a later point in the fund raising process. Investors are not bound to subscribe for units in the fund until the manager has complied with the AIFMD notifications, they are not bound. EU AIFMD: New Rules on Pre-Marketing and Reverse Solicitation. On April 16, 2019, the European Parliament voted in its plenary session to adopt a new legislative package relating to the cross-border distribution of collective investment funds. This legislative package will take the form both of a new Directive (the CBDF Directive) and a new. be paid for all foreign AIFs registered for marketing in Austria. Notification fee: To enable the Austrian Financial Market Authority to start processing the notification pursuant to Art. 31 AIFMG the following fee has to be paid in advance: • EUR 1,100 for processing the submitted documents (see chapter I.A and I.B AIFMD and help you determine, depending on your assets under management and the specific features of your fund, whether you will be qualified as: a sub-threshold AIFM, that will be subject to a few obligations under the AIFMD but will not benefit from the management and marketing passports under the AIFMD ; o

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Where a UCITS which has been marketing a UCITS fund in a host EEA member state, or an EU AIFM which has been marketing an EU AIF in a host member state under an Article 32 AIFMD notification, wishes to cease marketing any or all of these UCITS funds or AIFs, it can send a notice of de-notification to its home regulator provided Notification. This section contains information regarding the marketing of UCITS in Austria. Information concerning the public offering of UCITS in Austria pursuant to art. 140 of the Investment Funds Act (InvFG 2011): Information on relevant administrative practice and legal requirements pertaining to the notification and distribution of UCITS 4 AIFMD in brief 4 Exemptions 4 Marketing and reverse solicitation 5 Timeline and transitional arrangements 5 AIFMD timeline 6 Does the AIFMD apply to you? 6 Private placement 7 Full compliance 7 MUFG solutions for AIFMD 9 Appendix I - MUFG's ManCo organizational chart 10 Glossary. 4 A practical guide to AIFMD AIFMD IN BRIEF European politicians and regulators changed forevermore the. Where a UCITS which has been marketing UCITS in a host Member State, or an EU AIFM which has been marketing an EU AIF in a host Member State under an Article 32 AIFMD notification, wishes to cease marketing any or all of these UCITS or AIFs, it can send a notice of de-notification to its home regulator provide The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) does not currently regulate pre-marketing. An AIFM wishing to test investor appetite for a particular investment idea or investment strategy is, therefore, faced with diverging treatment of pre-marketing in different jurisdictions. Across the EU, the position varies considerably. Generally, there is little guidance, so the decision to.

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Notification of pre-marketing; The Marketing Rules introduce a requirement on EU AIFMs to notify their home Member State regulator (by way of an informal letter in paper form or by. Marketing requires authorisation of the AIFM. Gap analysis prior to application is recommended. Gap analysis prior to application is recommended. Notes The AIFM must comply with the provisions pertaining to AIFs and French laws and regulations applicable to portfolio management companies (e.g. sufficient capital and own funds, compliance procedures, etc.) The distinction between AIFMD Marketing and Pre-Marketing is important since: (i) the various conditions and requirements deriving from Article 31, 32, 36 or 42 of the AIFMD (as applicable); and (ii) the requirement to make/obtain a notification/approval with the relevant regulator before commencing AIFMD Marketing, do not need to be fulfilled in respect of Pre-Marketing. Local Law Compliance. regarding UCITS with the notification procedure laid down in Directive 2011/61/EU. (4) Regulation (EU) 2019/1156 fur ther strengthens the pr inciples applicable to marketing communications governed by Directive 2009/65/EC and extends the application of those pr inciples to AIFMs, thereby resulting in a high standard of investor protection, regardless of the type of investor. The cor responding. Any subscription by professional investors in an AIF which occurs within 18 months after an EU AIFM engaged in pre-marketing activities for that AIF will be considered to be the result of marketing and will be subject to the applicable AIFMD marketing notification procedure. Consequently, an EU AIFM will not be able to rely on reverse solicitation for that period of 18 month

Under AIFMD, national private placement regimes may only be mandatorily terminated by the EU Commission, from July-October 2018 following: (1) a positive recommendation from ESMA from July 2015 as to the extension of the AIFMD marketing passport to non-EU AIFM; and (2) a separate, positive recommendation from ESMA from July 2018 as to the use of the AIFMD passport as the sole marketing regime. Pursuant to the statement published in connection with the consultation of the New Marketing Order, the purpose of the new information and documentation requirements is to ensure that the rules under the AIFMD are implemented as close to the wording of the directive as possible. Given that the new notification requirements have only recently been adopted and do not apply until 1 January 2021.

RIAIFs do not have the automatic right to market across the EU under the AIFMD marketing passport. Access to individual markets may be granted on a case-by-case basis. RIAIFs must appoint a fully authorised AIFM. Non-EU managers or registered AIFMs are prevented from managing RIAIFs. Chapter 1 of the AIF Rulebook set out the Central Bank's detailed regulatory requirements for RIAIFs. QIAIFs. Alternative Investment Funds: Notification of marketing of AIFs managed by non-EEA AIFMs to professional investors in Belgium - Art. 42 AIFMD (docx - 80.75 KB) 02/09/2014. FSMA_2014_09. Reporting obligations of alternative investment fund managers to the FSMA (pdf - 478.67 KB) Files. fsma_2014_09.pdf (pdf - 478.67 KB Similar to the UCITS Directive for retail funds, the AIFMD enables alternative investment funds (AIFs) authorised in one member state to be sold across the EU under a marketing passport. AIFMs managing and/or marketing AIFs in the European Economic Area (EEA) are in scope of AIFMD, with the applicable compliance requirements dependent on a number of factors, including marketing and/or.

Following the introduction of AIFMD, the fund marketing environment in Europe changed. Whilst the market remains open under the National Private Placement Regime (NPPR), there are a number of EU countries, such as Denmark and Germany, that have 'gold-plated' the conditions of marketing to investors in their respective country. These additional conditions include the requirement for AIFMs to. Homepage - Carne Group Financial Service AIFMD marketing passport: Marketing in the EU of EU AIFs (included AIFs set up in Luxembourg) by AIFMs established in Luxembourg.....22 12. AIFMD marketing passport: Marketing in Luxembourg of EU AIFs (including Luxembourg AIFs) by AIFMs established in another EU Member State.....24 13. AIFMD marketing passport: General conditions applicable to Luxembourg Authorised. The AIFMD reporting obligation takes effect at the beginning of the next quarter following the approval of the notification on the commencement of marketing. If an AIF receives a marketing authorisation from the FIN-FSA at a time when the AIF is not yet filed in the Finnish Trade Register, the FIN-FSA must be re-notified as soon as the fund is filed and also when fund operations are initiated.

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  1. Notification letter for the marketing of units or shares of EU AIFs in Member States other than the home Member State of the AIFM (Article 32 of the AIFMD) NOTIFICATION OF INTENTION TO MARKET UNITS OR SHARES OF AN AIF or AIFs OF THE SAME AIFM IN A MEMBER STATE OTHER THAN THE HOME MEMBER STATE OF THE AIFM The information provided in this notification letter should not be ambiguous Are you.
  2. Therefore, the EU AIFM would need to submit a marketing notification file as per AIFMD Article 31 or 32. The pre-marketing provisions must come into force on August 2, 2021 by way of member state domestic directive implementing measures. Marketing De-notification Regarding the cross-border marketing of EU AIFs managed by EU AIFM, the CBDF Directive sets out a new arrangement on the de.
  3. Reclassification of the AIFMs marketing authorisation will require reporting to Finanstilsynet pursuant to AIFMD Annex IV. UCITS established in the UK that currently market units in Norway based on the notification-regime may apply for a license to market units to non-professional investors pursuant to the Norwegian Securities Funds Act section 9-4 following a simplified procedure
  4. The AIFMD does not contain a definition of marketing and there is no harmonised approach in the EU. This means local regulators have taken different approaches as to what pre-marketing activity is permitted before a formal regulatory notification is needed under the AIFMD. For example, discussing fund strategy with potential investors before the fund is established may be allowed.
  5. A marketing notification under Annex IV of AIFMD should detail all information in Article 23(1) (the offering document disclosure points) not otherwise included in the actual Annex IV reporting template in respect of the relevant AIF; Pursuant to earlier ESMA guidelines umbrella or segregated cell structures are considered a single AIF. However, AIFMs marketing a new sub-fund-segregated cell.
  6. pursuant to the AIFMD A. Ways of marketing investment in foreign alternative funds managed by a foreign manager authorised pursuant to the AIFMD 1. Non-public marketing of investment Non-public marketing of investment in foreign alternative funds managed by a foreign manager authorised pursuant to the AIFMD to professional clients5 is subject only to a notification of the intention to market.
  7. RAIF marketing and distribution - Do not forget CSSF notifications to be made by Luxembourg AIFMs (by an AIFM itself or a third person authorized to act on its behalf) to ensure EU passport marketing of RAIFs to professional investors.. Although RAIFs are not supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier Luxembourg (CSSF), it is mandatory to notify the CSSF to benefit.

In addition, the AIFMD provides for continuing obligations, such as reporting and disclosure. It also provides for a marketing passport which can be used by AIFMs to market funds across the EU/EEA through a regulator-to-regulator prior notification procedure. Currently only EU/EEA domiciled AIFMs marketing EU/EEA AIFs may utilise the marketing. Any subscription of shares or units in an EU AIF by EU Professional Investors within 18 months of the authorised EU AIFM commencing pre-marketing will be deemed to be marketing under the AIFMD and subject to the marketing notification obligations. If, further to pre-marketing, the subscription occurs after the 18-month period, then the marketing notification procedures under the AIFMD. AIFMD for non-EU fund managers marketing non-EU AIFs in the EU 7 The following EU AIFMs are exempted from the Directive: • AIFMs managing AIFs which altogether have AuMs of less than €100 million • AIFMs managing AIFs which altogether have AUMs of less than €500 million, which are not leveraged and which do not grant investors redemption rights during a period of 5 years following the. Marketing in the EU: If a non-EU AIFM does not intend to market a non EU-AIF to investors domiciled or with a registered office in the EU, the AIFMD will not apply to it. Marketing under the AIFMD means an offering (direct or indirect) or placement of units or shares of an AIF to or with such investors. As such, in the absence of the existence of a fund (with units or shares to be marketed. complied with (notification requirement by the AIFM; marketing only possible after notification by the Financial Market Authority; this may take up to four months). Belgium Yes, subject to notification to and approval by the competent Belgian regulatory authority, the Financial Services and Markets Authority (the FSMA), marketing by non-EEA AIFMs of non-EEA AIFs in Belgium is possible.

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The EU Directive for managers of alternative investment funds (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive or AIFMD) was adopted by the EU Parliament on 11 November 2010. The AIFMD aims to provide for an internal market for managers of alternative investment funds (AIFMs) a harmonised and stringent regulatory and supervisory framework for the activities within the EU as of 22 July 2013 In relation the notifications of AIFs the Q&A clarifies that if an AIFM wishes to notify the national competent authorities of the relevant Member State of a material change to a notification made on a cross-border basis pursuant to Articles 32(7) or 33(6) of AIFMD such AIFM is required to hand in the full set of documentation required by Articles 32 or 33 with the revised notification letter.

Access to EU markets under AIFMD and MIFID - an update Summary The ability for third-country firms to access EU markets under the AIFMD, MiFID II and MiFIR is of significant benefit. However, some uncertainty remains as to the ease by which third-country firms can (or will be able to) avail themselves of such access rights and the willingness of Member States to facilitate access where such. The report notes that the AIFMD marketing passport is limited to targeting professional investors, which in turn has limited the cross border activities of AIFMs who are looking to approach semi-professional and retail investors and are therefore required to comply with varying and restrictive requirements. However, given the AIF distribution is subject to the MiFID II regime, the Commission.

The second session on AIFMD marketing will explore; Financial promotions vs AIFMD marketing, FCA notification requirements, and investor and FCA disclosure and reporting requirements. Please register or sign-in to view this content. Sign in Event date. Oct 20 2020. 12.45-13.15 . Speakers. Alice Bell. The newly appointed EU-27 manager shall file a new notification or request for authorization under the procedures applicable to such manager. Marketing to professional investors in Luxembourg will need to be performed mainly under the provisions of Article 37 of the AIFM Law (Article 36 of the AIFMD) The AIFMD leaves room for the EU passport (currently reserved to EU AIFMs and AIFs) to be potentially extended to non-EU countries (including Switzerland) in the future. Such a move will bring significant benefits from a market access perspective. Within three months after receiving ESMA's advice, the EU Commission is expected to adopt an act specifying the date when the specific rules set.

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Post-AIFMD marketing of non-French AIFS in France without apassport Stéphane Puel, Managing Partner, Gide LoyretteNouel LLP, and Lucy Frew, Head of Investment Funds and Financial Regulation,London Gide Loyrette Nouel LLP Q32013 The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (2011/61/EU) (AIFMD) was implemented into French law by an order and a decree published in the French Official. 'Marketing' under AIFMD is deemed to take place when units or shares in an AIF are available for purchase and final form contractual documents are provided to prospective investors. However the FCA recognises that other EU member states may take a different view (as has been the case). Current rules and practice in the EU. There is no guidance from the European Commission or the European. Notification under article 59 - corresponding to article 42 AIFMD (non-EU AIFM marketing non-EU AIF). Types of UK NPPR To Use the Email based Notification Process EEA full scope AIFMs marketing under AIFMD UK regulation 57 will have to make notification for initial marketing authorisation using the form available using this link and sending it to this email address Nppreea57new@fca.org.uk There is a BAFIN notification procedure. Approval takes 2 to 8 months for non-EU AIFMs depending on complexity. Marketing by non-EU AIFMs to semi-professional investors requires full AIFMD compliance. Please contact BaFin for more information AIFMD domestic marketing or passporting regimes. This principally relates to the marketing of non-EU AIFs and AIFs managed by non-EU AIFMs. However, it also relates to the marketing of feeder AIFs where the master AIFM is a non-EU AIFM or the master AIF is a non-EU AIF. The majority of EU countries intend to allow some form of private placement but the requirements vary among member states.

EU, in which case the marketing rules apply) UK Firm will be required to be FCA authorised as a MiFID investment firm (not an AIFM) and will be subject to MiFID2 UK Firm's sub-investment management activities are not governed by AIFMD Model (1) - UK MiFID firm INVESTORS. UK ASSET MANAGEMENT FIRM LLP (UK) Sub-IMA . US PARENT FIRM LLC (US) CAYMAN MASTER FUND LIMITED (Cayman) IMA . US Parent. The AIFMD marketing passport is now widely recognized as a success story. The AIFMD was the first step in harmonizing the marketing of EU AIFs within the EU. At present, the Directive grants EU AIFMs that manage EU AIFs a marketing passport. This allows those AIFs to easily obtain a marketing authorization in each MS, thanks to a homogeneous and simplified notification process. Raising money. The GFSC has issued AIFMD Marketing Rules to help ensure compliance by Guernsey investment funds and their managers with the AIFMD NPPR conditions. New opt-in AIFMD Rules have also been introduced: This allows Guernsey fund managers and depositaries to opt in to a set of Guernsey rules which are aimed at achieving compliance with AIFMD, should they wish to do so. Therefore, Guernsey is able to.

The proposed requirements for marketing materials mirror AIFMD Article 23. Information requirements include, but are not limited, to: 6.1 EEA AIFM authorised in the home state marketing EEA AIF to Professional investors in Norway: notification process . EEA AIFMs authorised in the home state to manage AIFs are holders of an EEA marketing passport. Such AIFMs may market EEA AIFs to. Notifications to EU host countries: Initial registration - Once authorised, an EU AIFM can only market the EU AIF within the European Union by using the marketing passport. Ad-hoc notifications - The AIFMD requires that each time there is a material change in the information previously sent to regulators to initially use the passport, the change(s) must be notified, according to specific. AIFMD defines marketing as a direct or indirect offering or placement at the initiative of the AIFM or on behalf of the AIFM of units or shares in an AIF it manages to investors domiciled or with a registered office in the EU. This definition is broad. Reverse solicitation on the other hand is not clearly defined by AIFMD. European regulators are taking different views as to whether. AIFMD marketing rules apply per fund vehicle (that is, to each feeder fund, parallel fund, main fund, etc.) and therefore a private fund manager making a marketing notification or receiving a marketing approval in a European jurisdiction must be undertaken on a fund vehicle by fund vehicle basis. When a non-European fund manager considers establishing a multiple investor co-investment vehicle.

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The fund cannot accept new investment by marketing. Bilateral marketing notification (Section 320, 330 or 329) Italy. UK firms must notify investors and CONSOB of intentions post-Brexit . N/A. Malta. Maltese investors can remain in the fund but fund needs to inform the MFSA. Article 36/42 of AIFMD. Norway. Marketing will be prohibited. They can't specify any further. Section 6-4/ 6-5 of the. managed by EU AIFMs may occur only in accordance with Article 32 of the AIFMD. In this respect, it should be noted that the draft CONSOB regulation: (a) confirms that EU AIFMs will be entitled to commence marketing in Italy when they receive from their Home Regulator confirmation that the notification package and the AIFMD certificate have been submitted to CONSOB; (b) in determining the.

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Article 32 Marketing of units or shares of EU AIFs in Member States other than in the home Member State of the AIFM; Article 32a De-notification of arrangements made for the marketing of units or shares of some or all EU AIFs in the Member States other than in the home Member State of the AIF FCA publishes AIFMD forms. By Simon Lovegrove (UK) on July 15, 2014 Posted in Collective investment schemes, United Kingdom. The FCA has updated its webpage for UK alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs) to include links to the following forms on the notification of changes relating to the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive.

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and other services required by the AIFMD: EU marketing passport notifications; Compliance / Regulatory reporting; Valuations ; Our experience allows fund sponsors to focus on core asset management activities. Royalton Partners has experience of working with and is able to recommend experienced depositaries, administrators, auditors and banks to ensure full compliance, seamless co-operation and. further harmonising national requirements relating to marketing, notification, administrative arrangements and regulatory fees, and by providing greater transparency on the remaining national requirements.16 To achieve this aim, the measure proposed to amend the UCITS Directive, the AIFMD and the related regulations AIFMD only captures active marketing, so if EU investors contact non-EU managers on their own accord then this in not captured by the AIFMD. However the scope of what comprises reverse solicitation is unclear and different regulators take different views on his exemption so be careful AIFMD Premarketing Notification The European Parliament approved in April 2019 the revised version of EU Commission proposal for a Directive Read More. AIFMD Marketing Rules European Fund Distribution Rules. Marketing under AIFMD and Premarketing. 7th May 2019. Attilio Veneziano. No Comments. Marketing under AIFMD Marketing under AIFMD in Europe is no different whether carried out under the.

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